Who we are

International Consultants (IC) is a Private Consultancy Firm established in 2006 and registered at Baghdad Chamber of Commerce No. It represents a blend of traditions with modernity to serve the community and contribute to the development of government, private, civil Institutions through various activities and services in health, education, economic, social and cultural sectors.


Addressing the needs of the community through customer centered services


Bridging the local needs for international expertise and provide competitive services of high quality and distinction.

Scope of services:

International consultants provides wide range of services, which include the following:

1. Consultancies and strategic planning.

2. Training and qualification of cadres.

3. R ​​& D (research and studies, data collection and analysis, writing final reports).

4. Planning and implementation of various projects and activities.

5. M&E.

6. Organizing various events (exhibitions, conferences, workshops, etc ...) inside and outside the country.

7. In addition to Health Tourism Department, which provides opportunities to manage Iraqi patients abroad in different countries with high-quality services and preferential prices.

International consultants headquarters is located in the heart of Baghdad, in front of Iraqi National Theater. Qualified Iraqis, International expertise and capable ambitious young people works in International Consultants to achieve set vision, mission and goals with excellence